Illice Bonavista

As a responsible breeding center we have ensured that our dogs are healthy and free of diseases. Studying their pedigrees, and choosing the best breeders.

We have an authorized zoo, in which we receive periodic inspections from veterinarians in which they ensure and confirm that our dogs live in an environment completely suitable for them. We are proud to present our passion for this beautiful Havanese breed.

Our goal is to care for our adorable furry friends in a family environment full of love and dedication.

As lovers of animals and especially of this Havanese bichon breed, it is important to ensure that our furry babies receive adequate care from the moment of their birth, they are born at home since they are members of our family "our babies", and since The first days we get them used to all kinds of noises. When they start taking their first steps, we prepare a new park for them so that they have enough space to play, where my children also enter with “their babies” as they call them. , those moments are unique to me, I can spend hours looking at them, there is nothing better than the connection of a child with a puppy, they are unique moments, it is essential to socialize them from an early age, so that they develop healthy social skills, When puppies turn At 6-7 weeks of age we prepare an outdoor park for them where we take them out at times, always supervised, so that our babies can enjoy the sun since it is a very important source of vitamins.

Caring for these little ones also involves finding loving and responsible homes for them. We make an exhaustive selection and provide all the necessary information about the breed and care for their new family. We will deliver our puppies from 10-12 weeks of age, with vaccination corresponding to the age of delivery, deworming, microchip, passport and registered in the L.O.E. book of origins, with viral guarantees of 15 days and 9 months for genetic diseases.